Totally on it!

—Sabrina's catchphrase

Sabrina Marie Walters is a teenage girl in the Halloween Bandits. She attended Burglarville Elementary, where she met her four best friends, Brianna Remiori (Geneva Franciskovich), Cindy Lopez (Carissa Carlberg), Celia Wong (Ingrid Chen), and Charlie Wood (Dylan Reiss), who would become the future Halloween Bandits. She is played in Halloween Bandits by Ella Fortini.


Sabrina was the oldest child in her family of five. She lived with her mother and father and had two younger twin sisters, Eva and Lexi (played by Maggie McKay). Her mother, Josephine Walters, was constantly trying to lose weight, and pulled six-year-old Sabrina in on her attempted sugar-free diet. However, this failed after about a month and a half, and Sabrina was allowed to eat candy again. However, three years later, her two five-year-old sisters developed a habit of stealing candy (later inspiring the Halloween Bandits), and their parents put the whole family back on a no-candy diet, and all sweets were removed from the house to prevent Eva and Lexi's little "thefts".

This sugar-free childhood is what led to Sabrina co-founding the Halloween Bandits with her best friend, Brianna Remiori, and three other classmates, all of which experienced similar things in their own house.

Role in the group

Sabrina, like her best friend Brianna, was a known fashionista at her school, but she also developed a talent for using computers and technology, a habit she revealed to only her closest circle of friends. Her role in the Halloween Bandits was lowering security and deactivating alarms and hidden cameras in houses. For her, this task was easy, and as simple as pressing a few buttons on a security panel next to their way of entry (typically the back door).