Grievelings are large parasitic predatory creatures originating from the Paradim. They grow inside human hosts, and when fully grown, emerge in the form of blue light. During their adolescent period, their human host will become very sick, and death will occur when the Grieveling exits the host's body.

Grievelings are vicious and have limited intelligence, with the exception of Eternal Grievelings, immortal Grievelings who are extremely smart and command large groups of ordinary Grievelings.

History Edit

Eternal Grieveling of Stratford Edit

In 2018, an Eternal Grieveling climbed down from the Paradim through a tree. It possessed four humans and used them to begin growth of new Grievelings within many humans in Stratford, California. These Grievelings quickly grew to full maturity and formed an army commanded by the Eternal Grieveling.

When Rose Tracy, a deceased Grieveling host, was accidentally blasted by several soul bolts simultaneously, the souls inside them revived her and gave her superpowers. She then used these to destroy the Grieveling army once and for all.