Davey the Ninja is a short 2016 American adventure film that follows Davey Wilson, an enthusiastic ten-year-old on the path to ninjahood.


Directed by Ian McKay (Escape from the Aztecs, Halloween Bandits), Davey the Ninja is a live-action modern-day adventure based on ninjas in fifteenth century Japan. Ten-year-old Davey Wilson (portrayed by Addison Hubley) desperately wants to be a ninja, but first he'll have to go through the proper training, taught by Davey's friend and mentor The Grand Master (portrayed by Ian McKay).

Davey is almost ready to become a full-fledged ninja when The Grand Master tells him that he has to pass The Test- a demonstration of a ninja-in-training's skills and abilities in all realms of ninjutsu. For Davey's Test, The Grand Master requires him to defeat the legendary and infamous warrior Cobra-Kai (portrayed by Kai Uyeda) in battle.


One Thursday in ninja training, The Grand Master instructs Davey to perform his "greatest skill". Davey contemplates what this is, and decides on passing gas. However, the strain of attempting to do this causes Davey to black out. The Grand Master then advises Davey to "feel it in your diaphragm."

The next day, The Grand Master helps Davey improve his "skill", and then informs him of The Test, a demonstration of his strength and his abilities in all areas of ninjutsu. He then suggests of his hunch that Davey is not ready for The Test, which sends Davey home in tears to be comforted by his mother.

Battle of the Two Ninjas

After the weekend, Davey comes back to training with renewed strength and is elated to find that the Grand Master thinks him ready for the Test. Then, suddenly, the deadly warrior Cobra-Kai appears behind Davey, causing him to shriek in fear.

The two then battle, with no clear victor apparent, until Davey thinks back to his lessons and what The Grand Master taught him. He farts on Cobra-Kai and the force of it blasts Cobra-Kai backwards onto the ground. The Grand Master then tells him that he has passed The Test.